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Webinar Spotlight

We Changed Our PERCEPTION and Learned How to WIN the Recruiting Game

July 19, 2022

Recruiting new employees has never been tougher than it is now. In this webinar featuring Shawn Day, executive recruiter from Blue Skies Recruiting, you’ll find out how you can change your organization’s perception about recruiting.

Foundations of Cleaning Business Success

June 7, 2022

Sales and marketing can sometimes be over emphasized, but as the famous saying goes, “nothing happens till you make a sale”. Good marketing is not done by accident. You have to make a plan, stick to it, measure, and refine.  Successful sales is about making and keeping promises. Join Matt Ricketts as you hone in on the foundation of your company’s success.

KPIs for Success & Profits

May 10, 2022

Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), you can drive profits and success for your residential cleaning company and keep a pulse on your business without being overwhelmed, and forecast where it is going. Join Matt Ricketts, Chief Marketing Officer at MaidCentral, as he walks you through the numbers you need to know to lead your business to success!

Build Your Million Dollar Cleaning Business Through Diversifying

April 19, 2022

Residential cleaning is at the very heart of your business, but are there opportunities you are missing? RJ Patel and Gosia Baran have partnered to launch a highly successful cleaning company and now a coaching branch. Hear how they were able to diversify and grow their businesses and create a choice lifestyle.


Retaining Employees During the ‘Great Resignation’ With a 401(K)

March 16, 2022

The workforce is searching for more than just income, they want benefits as well. One of the most sought-after benefits is retirement plans, specifically the 401(k). Watch this webinar presented by Mark Strefner and Vestwell as they simplify and demystify the 401(K).


Generation (wh)Y: Understanding What Matters to the Modern Workforce

March 15, 2022

Reaching and leading Millennial and Gen Z employees has been a challenge in the industry for some time. Learn strategies and tactics for recruiting and retaining employees who will become the future of our industry from Amber Starling, Founder and CEO of Good Witch Cleaning Services LLC.


Payments Made Simple, Secure and Reliable

March 10, 2022

In this webinar, Rick Kallas, the Association Development Manager at CardConnect, talks about CardConnect’s robust payment technology that will allow you to streamline and secure all payment acceptance, all while significantly reducing your monthly processing fees with member-only rates.


Navigating Your Cleaning Company’s Digital Marketing Presence in 2022

Feb. 15, 2022

For all practical purposes, your digital presence is your face to the world. Your website, social media marketing and digital presence need to speak well for your business, your services and help recruit solid employees and clients to your doorstep. In this webinar, Don Stormo, Owner, Founder and CEO of MarketPros Responsive Solutions helps you navigate the constantly changing waters of these dynamic times.


ARCSI Employer Roundtable

Jan. 18, 2022

Your employees are at the very heart of your business, but with them come a myriad of issues and concerns. Elena Ledoux, owner of Superb Maids in Las Vegas, a cleaning company with a legal background, answers your questions about employee claims, and topics that are keeping you up at night from employee engagement and ideas on new benefits to hiring and firing.


Using DISC to Recruit, Interview, Hire, and Onboard Employees

Nov. 2, 2021

The challenge of hiring ideal candidates has grown enormously as the pandemic has progressed. Consider using a new approach, as you hire new candidates — use DISC® to recruit, interview, hire, and onboard. Presenter, Liz Trotter, founder and owner of American Maid Cleaning, illustrates how you can use this tool to eliminate hiring problems.


Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Oct. 26, 2021

As the business owner, you are the inherent leader. But leading during the pandemic has no doubt tested your leadership skills. Leading with emotional intelligence can help you not only relieve stress for your employees, but also to overcome challenges in the workplace and defuse conflict. Presenter Alonzo Adams will direct you down a path to discover how you can lead with emotional intelligence.


Bookkeeping Like a Boss

Oct. 19, 2021

Knowing your numbers and getting a handle on your finances effects everything else in your business and is quickest key to your financial success. Setting up and managing your accounts for your maid service doesn’t need to be overwhelming or difficult. And Meaghan Likes is here to show you how to do it in less than an hour. No accounting knowledge or experience required. 


3 Keys to Recruiting 

Sept. 21, 2021

Recruiting top talent to your residential cleaning company is critical to your success, now more than ever before. This hour-long webinar will focus on the three keys to recruiting you need: research, automation, and data-driven screening questions. Hear from Shawn Day from Blue Skies Services to find out how to implement these three strategies.


Ask the Expert with Bruce Vance

Aug. 24, 2021

Surfaces, flooring, disinfectants, cleaning, chemistry, tools, equipment, etc.! There were already a number of details to consider with your residential cleaning company, but now with COVID-19, those details and questions have significantly multiplied. Bruce Vance, owner of Town & Country and an ARCSI House Cleaning Technician (HCT) instructor, answered frequently asked questions in this webinar. 


Town Hall: Best Practices for Hiring in a Strained Marketplace

Aug. 17, 2021

We see it in the news every day that companies across the country are having difficulty finding quality workers in the current marketplace and too many of our residential cleaning companies have been hit by this in the after-effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Hear from experts in the industry who share their guidance, best practices, and new strategies to overcome this obstacle and get your business back on track in this online event, moderated by RJ Patel, owner of PCT Clean.


Understanding Workloading And Translating That Into Profit

June 16, 2021

Sharon Tinberg, residential house cleaning training expert, will walk through several examples of workloading in the residential setting and how consistency of workloading can positively impact your bottom line. Clearly defined products, tools, and actions consistently applied using the same process will define accurate workloads for your employees.

Get Out of Cleaning Forever

May 18, 2021

ARCSI will be joined by Mike Campion, author of “I’m a Freaking Genius, Why is This Business so Hard” and “Million Dollar Service Business Secrets.” Mike is also the host of the “Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast.” Mike grew up broke, scraped together all his pennies begged, borrowed and bought his first company, a Service Master Commercial Cleaning Franchise at 22 years old. Even though all of his employees quit on the first day, he tripled revenue in 2 1/2 years and sold it with a team of nearly 30.

Thriving Through Change: Creating An Inspiring Motivating And Productive Culture

May 4, 2021

Insights Discovery Color Energy will provide a foundation to understand how you lead and how your team will respond to that leadership. This awareness will help those in an organization understand each other’s reaction to stress, their preferred communication style, how one processes information, what motivates and engages them when change is underway. Insights Discovery Color Energy can provide the foundation to help those on your team to proactively respond to changes rather than just reacting to them.

Recruiting Metrics: A How-To Guide For Improving Your Effectiveness of your Recruiting Process

Mar. 23, 2021

Key Take-aways. The difference between being effective vs efficient. How to improve your ad to increase conversions. How to identify A, B, C applicants. Creative ways to find cleaning applicants without breaking the bank.
 Creating a good candidate experience to attract better applicants.

Get the Answers to All Your Insurance Questions

Mar. 16, 2021

Finding the right coverage to give you peace of mind does not have to be difficult. Uncovered claims can be financially devastating to your business. Laura Biachini will be on hand to tell you about the coverage options that Moody Insurance Worldwide can provide for your company. Come learn about industry specific coverage to protect your business.

The Government’s Impact on the Residential Cleaning Industry?

Mar. 2, 2021

The current pandemic, the recent elections and ever-changing government relations have a huge impact on the residential cleaning industry. As a follow-up to the January 13 free ISSA advocacy webinar, “What the 2020 Elections Mean for the Cleaning Industry in 2021,” John Nothdurft, ISSA Director of Government Affairs, will join ARCSI to talk about what residential cleaners need to know.

Background Check Best Practicese

Feb. 23, 2021

You need to ensure that you are hiring the most qualified candidates. Background checks a critical part of the process. Knowing how to do these and what to look for are key for successful background checks. Matt Garbincus of Intellicorp Records, an ISSA Associate Member, will talk about how the best practices to conduct background checks that protects you and your customers. Plus how you can take advantage of IntelliCorp’s member discount.

What Can the ARCSI Learning Platform Do for Your Business?

Nov. 10, 2020

ARCSI launched a new online education and training platform this fall, featuring the Professional House Cleaning (PHC) Certification. Earning the PHC Certification illustrates that you are a professional in the residential cleaning industry. And as a professional, you not only understand “what” to do but “why.” The PHC Certification is a real training solution for house cleaning technicians.

Refresh Your Digital Strategy

Oct. 27, 2020

Our entire brand is built in cyberspace – from your website to your social media presence. Everything that your current customers and your potential customers know about you can be found online. Learn from presenter Zeynep Mehmetoglu how to make sure your clients see what you want them to see. Now could be a good time to look at your overall digital strategy and determine how you can get your business profile where you want it to be.

SCRUM – Twice the Work in Half the Time

Oct. 20, 2020

Liz Trotter is the founder and owner of American Maid Cleaning as well as an entrepreneur and leadership trainer based in Olympia, Washington. As a business consultant and employee engagement expert with Cleaning Business Builders, she brings more than 20 years of research and development in employee motivation programs, which she has shared with cleaning companies across the United States; many credit her programs – which have earned her an average employee retention tenure of 5+ years – with saving their business from closing.

Ask The Expert With Bruce Vance

Sept. 22, 2020

Surfaces, flooring, disinfectants, cleaning, chemistry, tools, equipment, etc.! There were already a number of details to consider with your residential cleaning company, but now with COVID-19, those details and questions have significantly multiplied. Bruce Vance, owner of Town & Country and our House Cleaning Technician (HCT) instructor.

Residential Marketplace:
Technology Showcase

Aug. 25, 2020
The marketplace boasts many software options. At ARCSI, we want to help you investigate many of these options. In this first “Residential Marketplace,” we are featuring software for your business. In our first installment of the “Residential Marketplace,” we highlight several software vendors that specialize in products for residential cleaning companies.

Software Vendors:
Compass WaveMaid Central,  Pipehire HRM ZenMaid

Surviving Covid-19 With Responsibility, Grace And Creativity

Aug. 18, 2020
The pandemic has been throwing a lot at employers this year – from understanding the coronavirus and its impact on your business to struggles with your employees. The challenges are immense – and with the end of this pandemic nowhere insight, you need to be prepared for everything that is being thrown at you. For example, how you can ensure that your business is prepared to survive this pandemic. Are you meeting all of the requirements necessary in the current environment? What do you do if any of your employees contract the virus? There is SO MUCH to consider but the best way to protect your business is to be prepared. Don Phin, Esq. will be joining us for this ARCSI Webinar to help you do just that.

3 Tricks To Improve Your Sales Close Rate

Aug. 11, 2020
Curt Kempton will share 3 things that you can start doing right away for free that will help you close more jobs at higher average ticket prices.

About Curt Kempton
Curt has worked with service professionals all over the world every day for the last 10 years to learn about the trends of selling services as well as the different strategies people are using to determine what is working and what is not.

The Pandemic Cleaning Stage: Pricing, Processes, Owner Engagement

Aug. 4, 2020
You do not need to be a residential cleaning service owner for more than a day to know that this industry has truly changed in the past five months, creating challenges for both seasoned and new residential cleaning companies. For many owners, they are back to Stage 1 (Existence) or Stage 2 (Survival), at best. Then there is the added challenge of an inadequate amount of reliable information regarding operating a residential cleaning service during a pandemic.

Add New Bi-Weekly Customers Without Offering Discounts

July 14, 2020
The overall strategy behind this business is to grow with regular, repeat customers. More specifically, your main focus should be on how to grow with more Bi-Weekly customers. Bi-Weekly customers allow you to create a route for your team where you can send the same team at the same time. During this webinar, I’ll teach you a new way to grow with more Bi-Weekly customers! Once you shift your focus to growing with Bi-Weekly customers, your business will explode!

Make The Most Of Your ARCSI Membership

June 24, 2020
You have taken the first step in building your business by joining ARCSI. Now, take the next step. In this complimentary webinar, ISSA Residential Cleaning Council Member Karina Neff will walk you through the advantages of your ARCSI membership, the benefits and services we offer, and how to engage with your community.

This webinar is a great orientation for new members. It is also a great resource for existing members to remind themselves of the many assets available!

Find Alternative Funding For Your Cleaning Business Now

June 23, 2020
The current COVID-19 pandemic has presented many problems to businesses, not the least of which is funding. How do you find money? How do you secure funds? There are many sources of funding available—if you know how to find them. The variables in your search are gold. In this complimentary webinar, Kedma Ough will help you understand target funding in a way that no one else ever has.

Ough was awarded the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) Small Business Champion of the Year for her work helping women and minority-owned small businesses get access to funding.

Offer Your Employees A 401(k) Plan

June 9, 2020
In today’s marketplace, recruiting and retaining top talent is a priority. Make your business even more attractive to applicants with a 401(k) plan. Among the many new employee benefits in a program from ISSA is a 401(k) plan that you can offer your employees.

Watch this webinar with Mark Strefner, ISSA Member Employee Benefits Advisor. He will provide an overview of the new ISSA Turnkey 401(K) plan. Low cost – Hi-Tech- Cutting edge – easy to implement plan that will wow your employees and help them save for their futures. After health insurance, 401(K) retirement benefits are the most sought-after benefit by employees. Learn how you can leverage your membership with this outstanding program exclusive to ISSA membership.

Provide Your Employees With Healthcare With New Benefit From Issa

June 2, 2020
The costs of healthcare in this country continue to rise, so wouldn’t your business become an even more attractive workplace if you provided your employees with a healthcare benefit? With this new health care benefit exclusively for ISSA members, you can!

TJ Bullock, ISSA’s Member Employee Benefits Advisor, will walk you through the details of the new hybrid health insurance plan that features full medical with copayments and unlimited telemedicine.

Conquer Your Residential Cleaning Business

May 12, 2020
Systems are important for your business. How would your business change if you were able to delegate and automate more of your tasks that make up your day. In this special Hot Topic Webinar – and a preview of the Conquer Live Workshop coming at the ISSA Show North America in Chicago – Brandon Vaughn will help you see how you can make your systems work for you.

How To Thrive In An Uncertain Environment

May 5, 2020
How is the coronavirus impacting you? In this special ARCSI Virtual Round Table, watch Alonzo Adams, Carrie Knight, and Elena Ledoux answer questions and talk it out.

How To Pivot During A Crisis

Apr. 28, 2020
The coronavirus has presented disruption to businesses across the world at unprecedented levels. What can you do to take charge of your business and keep your team on track? Join Carrie Knight, owner of Maid Brigade of Tampa, for a discussion on how you can lead your team to success in the face of the pandemic.

Telemedicine Is A Virtual Reality!

Apr. 10, 2020

You’ve heard so much about telemedicine. In plain English, how does it work? Is it expensive? Where do you get it? Does it really work? And, an included special benefit that will surprise you! Learn this and more in a “bottom line, need to know” webinar!

Join TJ Bullock, ISSA’s Member Employee Benefits Advisor, on this special webinar. TJ will walk you through the details of this new benefit from ISSA.

Want To Add Commercial Cleaning To Your Existing Residential Business 

Mar. 21, 2020
Are you considering expanding your business to include commercial cleaning? Find out what you need to know and what you need to do from Sharon Cowan, CBSE, owner of Cleaning Business Consulting Group.

How Strong Is Your Background Check Program

Mar. 10, 2020

Background screening is a vital component in any onboarding process. That’s why it’s essential to maintain a program that is not only legally compliant but also delivers the information you need to make important hiring decisions.

Join background screening industry veteran Matt Garbincus, Intellicorp Records, and ISSA Affiliate member, as he discusses what you need to know and do to keep you compliant and ensure you receive a great return on your investment in background screening.

Price Increases! When, How Often, And How Much

Feb. 4 2020

Let’s talk Price Increases! One of the biggest issues that residential cleaning business owners face is PRICING – how much to charge, how to charge more and when to increase your prices, and of course how to keep your best customers when you do raise them. Take the guesswork out of pricing and get some proven answers from residential cleaning expert, Debbie Sardone on ARCSI’s February 4th Hot Topic Webinar. With over 35 years owning her own $1M+ cleaning company and a dozen years coaching hundreds of cleaning business owners, Debbie addresses the question head-on: “When, how often and how much should you be increasing prices?” Hear her answers and get ready to charge more for your services without losing your best customers.

How To Make 2020 Your Most Profitable Year Yet

Jan. 28th, 2020
Make 2020 your most organized, profitable, and rewarding year in business yet! Meaghan Likes, is a CPA and cleaning company owner, during this Hot Topic Tuesday she will walk you through a couple of very simple steps that you can take now that will set your business up for success in 2020.
Meaghan is co-owner of Jeff Likes Clean Windows & Gutters, a window washing & gutter cleaning company based in Davis, CA and Likes Accounting Company a bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation firm serving exclusively small business clients across the US. Her passion is educating and mentoring other service-based businesses to be more profitable and successful.