Programa del Profesional de Limpieza de Casas/Professional House Cleaning (PHC) Program



Con el interés de crear una mejor experiencia educativa y de aprendizaje para usted, estamos cambiando las plataformas de aprendizaje en línea.

Para comprar nuevas certificaciones de limpieza profesional de casas, visite el Centro de aprendizaje en línea de ISSA.

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Una certificación es una credencial que puedes obtener para demostrar que tienes habilidades o conocimientos específicos. Obtener la certificación Professional House Cleaning (PHC) demuestra que eres un profesional en la industria de la limpieza residencial. Y como profesional, no solo comprendes “qué” hacer, sino también “por qué”. La certificación PHC es una verdadera solución de formación para los técnicos de limpieza de hogares.
Este curso es un curso en línea que se divide en 7 módulos. Cada clase termina con una “verificación de conocimientos” para poner a prueba tus habilidades y una vez que hayas completado todas las clases, puedes realizar la prueba para obtener tu Certificación Professional House Cleaning (PHC).


Los descuentos de nuestro programa al comprar varios cursos son los siguientes (descuento aplicado en el carrito de compras):

  • 6-15 cursos reciben un 15% de descuento
  • 16-25 cursos reciben un 25% de descuento
  • 26-50 cursos reciben un 35% de descuento
  • Más de 51 cursos reciben un 50% de descuento


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Precios ilimitados para la certificación del  profesional de limpieza de casas

Por 500USD, puedes certificar un número ilimitado de técnicos en tu equipo de limpieza durante tres meses (90 días). Ver más aquí

Contenido del curso

  • Módulo 1.1 Introducción: Limpieza doméstica profesional- trabajo versus profesión; Responsabilidad, Confianza, Respeto y Reconocimiento
    6 minutes
  • Módulo 1.2 Profesionalismo: Componentes del Profesionalismo – Compromiso; Conocimiento; Acción; Resultados
    22 minutes
  • Módulo 1.3 Servicio al cliente: Impresiones positivas; Tres oportunidades para brindar un buen servicio al cliente
    25 minutes
  • Guía de estudio de la clase 1
    5 minutes
  • Verificación de conocimientos 1
    5 questions
  • Módulo 2.1 Principios básicos para trabajar de forma segura; EPP; Seguridad química; Prevención de resbalones, tropiezos y caídas
    43 minutes
  • Módulo 2.2 Cómo prevenir la propagación de enfermedades; Seguridad BBP; Seguridad contra incendios; Estresores ergonómicos; Seguridad con el vehículo
    48 minutes
  • Guía de estudio de la clase 2
    5 minutes
  • Verificación de conocimientos 2
    15 questions
  • Módulo 3.1 Cadena de infección; Limpieza higiénica/higiene enfocada; Precauciones estándar; Microorganismos; Biopelículas
    34 minutes
  • Módulo 3.2 Plagas domésticas (ácaros de polvo, cucarachas, pulgas, chinches, sarna, roedores); Componentes del polvo
    26 minutes
  • Guía de estudio de la clase 3
    5 minutes
  • Verificación de conocimientos 3
    15 questions
  • Módulo 4.1 Suciedad y contaminantes / COV; Dureza del agua / Cal / Espuma de jabón; La escala pH; Cómo funcionan los jabones
    36 minutes
  • Módulo 4.2 Ingredientes comunes en productos químicos de limpieza; CHAT; Sanitizantes y desinfectantes – Definiciones y etiquetado
    27 minutes
  • Módulo 4.3 Tipos de sanitizantes y desinfectantes; Vapor seco; Agentes de limpieza de generación in situ
    18 minutes
  • Guía de estudio de la clase 4
    5 minutes
  • Verificación de conocimientos 4
    15 questions
  • Módulo 5.1 Selección de productos químicos/pH; Pisos y Superficies; Alfombras/Tapetes; Metales; Encimeras; Gabinetes
    68 minutes
  • Módulo 5.2 Electrodomésticos grandes/pequeños; Tratamientos para ventanas; Acabados/Tratamientos para Muebles; Artículos de alto valor/delicados
    63 minutes
  • Guía de estudio de la clase 5
    5 minutes
  • Verificación de conocimientos 5
    15 questions
  • Módulo 6.1 Fundamentos de la calidad; Calidad del servicio; Fallos comunes en la calidad del servicio; Marco de trabajo
    15 minutes
  • Módulo 6.2 Procedimientos operativos estándar; Conceptos básicos de productividad
    22 minutes
  • Guía de estudio de la clase 6
    5 minutes
  • Verificación de conocimientos 6
    10 questions
  • Módulo 7.1 Tipos y características de productos químicos de limpieza; Generación en sitio; Mezclas y diluciones
    36 minutes
  • Módulo 7.2 Aspiradoras: cómo funcionan/factores a considerar/tipos; Sistemas de trapeadores: tipos/ventajas y desventajas
    37 minutes
  • Módulo 7.3 Tipos / Ventajas y desventajas / Cuidado de los trapos de limpieza, estropajos, cepillos, raspadores
    46 minutes
  • Módulo 7.4 Esponjas; Plumeros; Limpiadores a vapor; Delantales/Uniformes; Caddies/Totes/Cubos; Escurridores; Postes de extensión; Escaleras
    32 minutes
  • Guía de estudio de la clase 7
    5 minutes
  • Verificación de conocimientos 7
    10 questions
  • Final Remarks Copy
    2 minutes
  • Examen Final
    50 questions


I’m SUPER IMPRESSED with the PHC Program in Modern Cleaning!! You guys all did such a great job putting this together! I am up on Friday night taking the training for myself so that, if I like it, I can order a bunch for my staff before the coupon expires at midnight EDT. Wow! I’m blown away! I feel like doing this training the first few days of a new hires career with us, is REALLY going to set a tone for what we expect but more importantly, how they feel about the caliber of job they will have just started. Great training might be one of the biggest differences between what feels like a lousy job, and a respectable career. I want my employees to have pride in their job and respect us as their employer, and know we are willing to invest in them. This program is going to make a huge difference in our onboarding and retention. We SAY we are a professional company and we are the best, and we want a great culture, but we have to DO something to earn that respect. Seriously guys, thank you for making this program! I’m going to be really proud to add it to our onboarding and training program and looking forward to it reinforcing our professional culture and setting a great tone with newbies from day ONE!

Samantha Snider

Owner and CEO, Sun Life Maids

My staff and I have been taking the Professional House Cleaning Program offered by Modern Cleaning and it has been awesome! It covers everything that technicians need to know to perform their jobs at the highest level, while teaching safety measures, how to stay healthy and the science of cleaning. While most of our techs are well experienced, I think we all still had a lot to learn. I feel that this course will be very beneficial to new inexperienced technicians and help them to realize that this industry is very necessary to overall health and make them feel like they are true professionals.

Marlo McKelvey Kanipe

Owner and CEO, Deserved Comfort House Cleaning

The information I have been receiving through Modern Cleaning has been wonderful. Not only is the information well presented it relates to our business in many ways. I would recommend the cleaning classes to anyone in the cleaning business, even if you have been cleaning for awhile.

Lucia Smith

Manager, Cronin Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this course work?

The Professional House Cleaning (PHC) Program is a 7 class program that covers what every Professional House Cleaner should know, emphasizing “Professionalism” in everything you do. Each class ends with a “knowledge check” to test your skills and once all classes are complete, you can take the test to earn your Certificate of Completion.

How does the course exam work?

There are 50 multiple choice questions on the Professional House Cleaning Certification exam. To pass the exam, student must have 80% correct.

Each student has three attempts to pass the course. If unable to pass the exam on three attempts, student must take the course again. You can receive a coupon to take the exam at a reduced rate of $49 by emailing [email protected] for the coupon code.

Who is this program designed for?

This program is designed for House Cleaning Professionals; the people who are cleaning homes on a regular basis for pay. Regardless if one is a new hire or a seasoned professional they will find value in this program because it covers the “why’s” behind what we do and helps us see house cleaning as not merely a job but as a critical service and profession.

What makes PHC different from other training programs?

Most training programs tell your cleaning professionals the basics on what to do but fall short in giving them the necessary information to make the best decisions when the situation is more complex. The PHC program gives cleaning professionals the “why” behind what they do, leading to better decisions and higher commitment.

Does online learning work?

Face to face training is awesome, but it is expensive and tends to go to the back burner as soon as other business challenges pop up. Too often companies start a training program only to put it on hold then they become short staffed or are dealing with some other crisis. This happens because there seems to be no other choice, but in reality this just digs the hole deeper. One of the best things about online learning it is sustainable regardless of what is happening in the business. Simply enroll cleaning professionals in the program and they take classes when time permits. Each class ends with a quiz that we call knowledge checks, and students take an exam at the end to earn their certificate of completion. You have the ability to login and monitor the progress of your team.

How will this program help my House Cleaning Professionals?

Most people look as house cleaning as just a task. Most house cleaners do not appreciate the level of trust that is placed in them. PHC helps then understand why their jobs are important and gives them the technical knowledge to appreciate house cleaning as a profession. A Professional House Cleaner will perform at a higher level resulting in higher job satisfaction and creating the opportunity for professional growth within your company.

How will this program help my company?

Employee engagement starts with making sure everyone knows what is expected of them. It is also dependent on a culture that encourages them to learn and grow. PHC allows cleaning businesses to do this in a consistent and affordable way, regardless of the daily challenges cleaning companies face. Providing quality training to your cleaning professionals will improve employee retention, client retention and productivity as well as lower hiring costs.

Can I buy multiple seats for a discount?

Yes, when making your purchase simply enter the number of seats you want and the volume discount is applied automatically. The discount brackets are as follows:

6-15 courses for a 15% discount

16-25 courses for a 25% discount

26-50 courses for a 35% discount

51+ courses for a 50% discount

You have a year to use the seats once they are purchased, so you can save money by buying them in bulk and using them over the course of the year.

How do I enroll my Professional House Cleaners?

Each company will have a company administrator account. Through this account you can enroll students and track their progress. Enrolling cleaning professionals is easy, this video shows you how: How To Enroll a Student

Is there training for company administrators?

Yes, there are a number of videos that will help you manage the learning process for your company. You will find them here: Company Administrator Tutorials

How long do I have to use seat licenses once I purchase them?

Seat licenses are good for one year from date of purchase.

How do I reset my password?

It is easy to reset your password. This video explains how: How to Reset Your Password